Ode to Bards of Lavatory – Part I

Sometimes feels real and at times just a dream

Two belligerent siblings fighting to reign supreme

Clamour and void

are their names, their mission to abort the same story

whose very being lends them glory


Both can’t look other into the eye

and believe the identical effect they produce upon their subject

is just a delusion

a big lie


They probably never heard the adage -

Looks can be deceptive

For only when they collude and collide

That their subject is most receptive to

a paralysis of the worst kind

an impairment that imposes status quo

of the heart and the mind.


If you ever come across these two

You can always spot them like you can pink from blue

They make your life a bumpy ride

As they can,

Run as well as hide

About amita

Professional trajectory - Literature. Public Relations. Social Media. Personal - learning to cook, hopefully drive, figure whether to renew HBR and discipline myself into focusing on important and not urgent.
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